Leroy Vanderpool Recognition Award

This award shall be given to a Quad States Instructors, Inc. active member, meeting the criteria stated below, no more than once per year at the Quad States Instructors annual meeting.

This award, to be called the Leroy M. Vanderpool Recognition Award, will consist of a traveling-type plaque, an individual plaque, and a donation of $500 to the recipient’s charity of choice.

The final screening of the nominees will be made by the recognitions and awards subcommittee made up of, 1) Cathy Vanderpool, 2) the last three award recipients. The third year recipient shall be the chair of the subcommittee.  The subcommittee shall consist of: First Chair – third year recipient, Second Chair – second year recipient, Third Chair – first year recipient.

The following criteria are recommended for the award.

Does the nominee –

  1. Have the respect of his fellow instructors?
  2. Inspire the respect of their peers and co-workers?
  3. Have the confidence of their peers and co-workers?
  4. Have a good technical understanding of their job?
  5. Demonstrate the ability to act as a leader?
  6. Set a good example for safety?
  7. Demonstrate the ability and willingness to teach the craft to others?
  8. Participate actively in groups or associations?
  9. Help create a good image for the Quad State Instructors Group?
  10. Consistently try for self-improvement beyond the requirements of their job?
  11. Show a high degree of professionalism and competency in whatever their job may be?

The applicant nominations shall be submitted in letter format addressing each of the recommended criteria to the First Chair of the recognitions and awards subcommittee.

Applicant nomination letters shall be submitted to the recognitions and awards subcommittee no later than April 30th of each year.

Past Leroy Vanderpool Award Winners

2008 – Deanna Soderberg – Powerline Safetey

2009 – Norm Clark – Clark Safety & Loss Control Services

2010 – Greg Morgan – Big Rivers Electric Cooperative

2011 – Bob Cooper – Nebraska Rural Electric Association

2012 – Mark Zavislan – Ohio Rural Electric Cooperative

2013 – Garry Christopherson – Dairyland Power Cooperative

2014 – Not Awarded

2015 – Not Awarded

2016 – Ken Miller – Adams Columbia Electric Cooperative

2018 – John Dvorak – Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives

2021 – Carla Hofmaster – Cornbelt Power Cooperative

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