Visual JSA’s and Safety Programs

The list of programs below has been developed for use by members of Quad State Instructors, Inc.  Legal requirements can vary by state, region and/or municipality.  QSI assumes no liability for the accuracy or validity of the content within these programs.  It is up to the end user to verify that the information is correct and meets the legal requirements for the utility where these programs are used.

Visual JSA’s

A4 Insulator Changout .ppt
Cutting in an In-Line Dead-end – single phase .ppt

C4 Insulator Change-with-hoist

A3 Insulator Change-with-jib

A3 Insulator Change-with-Hoist

69KV Grounding

Wye-Wye 277/480 4-wire Bank

Wye-Wye 120/208 4-wire Bank

Wye-Delta 240/480 4-wire Bank

Wye-Delta 120/240 Open 4-wire Secondary

Wye-Delta 120/240 4-wire Bank

Voltage Regulator Bypass three-operation-switch manual

Voltage Regulator Bypass single-phase automatic

Recloser Bypass

Protecting Grounding Three-phase Tangent


Training Programs

Attitude .ppt
Are Your Employees Qualified .ppt
Line Clearance Qualified Employee Training .ppt
Substation Qualified Employee Training .ppt
Firefighter and EMT Safety .ppt
Voltage Regulation .ppt
MN Accident Review .ppt
SDS Training .ppt

Supporting Documentation – Misc…

Substation (non-electrical) Qualified Person Quiz .doc
Substation Certificate .doc
Substation Sign-off .doc
Interpretation Letter 1 .doc
Interpretation Letter 2 .doc
Interpretation Letter 3 .doc
Incident Prevention Magazine Article .doc

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